Annuity Online Payment Worldwide

Based on our website, IP ANTS realizes the convenient and effective payments of IP annuity around the world. It not only simplifies the complex payment procedure, but also greatly reduces the costs for paying annuity.

Free Patent Deadline Management 

As a specific patent housekeeper for each client, IP ANTS provides free deadline management of patent annuity.

With our deadline management system, you are not necessary to worry about numerous deadlines of patents in various granted countries.

You can log in your own account to check the status of patents any time. Besides, our system will also automatically monitor the deadline of your patent annuity. When it is closing to the next payment deadline, we will remind you several times in different periods by mails, text messages, QQ and (or) We Chat.

Therefore, our system ensures the safety of maintenance for your rights and also greatly reduces your management cost!

Free Patent Information Management

IP ANTS provides exclusively perfect and accurate management database of patent information for each VIP. You can check, sum up, and manage your patent information through the simplified and effective operation on the premise of safe and confidential environment of our system.

Except for the convenient management of your patent annuity status, our system, as a good management assistant, can also easily customizes the patent annuity budget monthly or annually for you.

Free Annuity Search among Different Countries

IP ANTS provides the latest official annuities of different countries for free, which is open and transparent. You can have knowledge of the amount of your patent annuity. Meanwhile, you can control the cost to pay for your patent annuity any time conveniently through our website.

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